Lost Fantasy Rescue
Cats: 1   |  Dogs: 10   |  Pigs: 1

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2024 Board of Directors

Sarah Dutton (Founder/Program Executor)  
Randy Jones
Patrick Bruce
Amanda Keerbs


We are a home based rescue with no brick & motar facility.
We operate out of foster homes spread throughout Southwest VA.
We are not a open admissions shelter, animal control facility or government funded agency.
We have no set days/hours of operation so all meet and greets require a scheduled time/day. 
We are a very small group but we do our best to respond to all emails within a few days time. 

Mission Statement:

To educate the public on animal welfare issues, to promote spay/neuter programs, to offer interactive school programs & to make life brighter for animals in need.
We speak for the animals that have no voice of their own and who have no defense against the world that wishes to do them harm.


 Proof of our IRS status may be found online at the IRS website by going to Publication #78 and typing in our location (Ceres, VA) and Lost Fantasy will display with all the relevant information. We are licensed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and have been given sales tax exemption by the Virginia Department of Taxation.
Lost Fantasy is run by a Board of Directors and operations are spelled out in the organization’s Articles of Incorporation.  We recieved our non profit status in 2004

To access our 990 tax forms on Guidestar, use the keyword "Animal Rescue/VA".