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Related image Lost Fantasy Rescue DOES NOT operate on a first come; first serve basis. In order to be considered as a potential adopter, you must submit an adoption application. This form can be found under our Forms & Applications tab
. Once you are in our applicant pool, we will begin the screening process. Our adoption process includes said application, reference checks (including ladlord, if applicable), vet checks, an informal home visit, a meet and greet, as well as an adoption contract and fee/donation. You can learn more about our adoption process on our website, as well!  ALL ANIMALS are FULLY VETTED & given a clean bill of health PRIOR to adoption. Related image

Related image Please remember that Lost Fantasy Rescue is a small, volunteer-based rescue, & many of us work full-time & have families/pets of our own. We'll be in touch as soon as possible - thank you for your patience! Related image

NOTE: No adoption will be finalized prior to references being checked & a home visit being conducted. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!

We have a final adoption contract (not online) that adopters are required to sign PRIOR to the animals being released to into your care.

1 yr & under -  $225
Adults1-10 yrs - $175
10 yrs & over - $125

  • spay/neuter surgery       
  • age appropriate vaccinations (DHLPP& Bordetella)
  • rabies vaccination (over 4 months of age)
  • negative heartworm test
  • worming
  • flea/tick treatment
  • microchip

$50 - all ages

  • spay/neuter surgery
  • age appropriate vaccinations (FVRCP & FeLv)
  • rabies vaccination (over 4 months)
  • worming
  • flea/tick treatment
  • microchip



 The pre adoption application MUST be filled out in it's entirity before any potential adoption screening will be started. There is a space for 3 references on the application and family members are NOT to be used. Any use of family members as a reference will automatically void the pre adoption form!  There is also a space for veterinary and farrier references these MUST be filled in as well. If you do not have a veterinary or farrier you need to research this and find the one that is going to be the most appropriate for your potential animal. LFSAR will not deny an adoption application solely on the lack of a vet or farrier reference BUT  those application lacking those important references will be filed behind those who do have them listed.


1...We prefer that our dogs go to homes with a fenced yard. However, we realize that this is not always possible so we will work with the potential adopters who do not have the fenced in yard. We do require that each adopted dog be allowed at least 1 hour of  outside exercise per day either in a dog park, on a long walk, or in a fenced in area. Play is a necessary part of dog life and is an important part of their well being.
2...Obedience classes are a good idea for your adopted dog especially since we have no background on many of them. We recommend that your adopted dog graduates from an approved obedience class
3...We will NOT adopt to a home that requires the dog to stay kenneled for more than 8 hours per day!
4...We will NOT adopt dogs to outside homes! Our wish is for these animals to be a part of the family they are going to and an outside home will not give them that luxury. If the dog is to live outside please don't waste your time filling out an application.